SanJ Co.,Ltd - SanJ Co.,Ltd 


China Sanj Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial group company integrating new energy development, power engineering construction, grain, oil and food processing, and electronic intelligent system development.
Sanj always adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, responsibility, pragmatism, and innovation", and continues to innovate to form power engineering design, installation and construction, power equipment supply and maintenance; Solar photovoltaic power generation project design, development, construction, operation, and maintenance; high quality Grain, oil and food development, production, warehousing, sales; electronic control system development, smart electrical appliance production, cloud computing-based smart network system development and construction and other business sectors, so that products are developing in the direction of serialization and diversification.
Relying on science and technology, quality as the core, and market as the orientation, Sanjing has given full play to its core technical advantages and achieved value-added win-win cooperation with more partners in the field of industrial operation, won the space and opportunities for rapid development of the enterprise, and has become a highly competitive industry. the company.